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Shayn Fernandez

Solo Dolo: Why You Shouldn't Build a Company Alone

Being a founder is hard. Being a solo founder is even harder. Being a solo non-technical founder–forget about it. Jeff Bezos may disagree, but there aren’t many Jeff Bezos in the world. Solo founders often believe they are the only ones who can pull off their vision. While...

Hussain Samsudeen

How to Value a Pre-Revenue Startup

In this post, Jed Ng, from Angel School discusses the benefits of angel investing through syndicates and the process of building your network for syndicates. You can find the original post here. Let's hear what Jed has to say. Ready to invest in a startup? First things first...

Shayn Fernandez
Benjamin Michael

The Key To Delaware Franchise Taxes for Delaware C-Corps

Growing a venture-backed startup is difficult–even if you started on the right foot by initially incorporating as a Delaware C-Corp. Unfortunately, this difficulty isn’t alleviated for many administrative tasks, such as filing annual reports and paying Delaware franchise taxes. In fact, around this time of the year, we...

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